Refrigerator Repair

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When your refrigerator breaks down everything in the kitchen grinds to a stop. When that happens, close the refrigerator door to keep your meats, dairy, and produce as cool as possible. Then call Nifty Naperville Appliance Repair right away. We are your local on-call appliance repair service. We will come out the same day you call and fix the problem promptly on a single visit (find more service info).

Our rates are reasonable and we respect your time. So, we stock our service vans with manufacturer parts and tools in order to get your refrigerator fixed as promptly as possible. When your refrigerator breaks down, don’t let the food spoil! Call us to get the fridge running ASAP.



We get more service calls about loud refrigerator noises than any for any other freezer or fridge issues. Common causes for noise coming from the refrigerator are the evaporator fan motor or condenser fan motor. Both of these should be repaired or replaced promptly before the appliance breaks down completely. We will fix your noise problem the same day with manufacture parts.


When your refrigerator leaks, you have a broken water inlet valve or the door is not closing correctly due to a bad door latch or seal. Our repairman will come out the same day you call and fix this problem on a single visit.


Make sure to check that the circuit breaker has not tripped and that the refrigerator is plugged in when the appliance will not start. Non-starting refrigerators have a broken compressor overload relay or temperature control malfunction. We will fix this problem on a single visit using manufacturer parts and tools.


When the ice maker will not make ice, call us for same day repairs. There is usually a broken water fill tube, damaged water inlet valve, or a problem with the temperature control in the freezer. When the ice maker makes ice too slowly, the result can be an odor from the ice cubes. We will be pleased to fix these problems with manufacturer parts and tools on the same day you call us.


Too-warm and too-cold refrigerators are both problems. A broken air inlet damper can cause a refrigerator to be warmer than it should be. When the refrigerator runs colder than it should, you have a temperature control or thermistor problem. The same issues affect freezers. Call us to repair these problems on any major brand or model.


A broken dispenser on your refrigerator is an uncommon problem, but we still carry the parts and tools to fix it for GE, Kenmore, Sears, Sub-Zero, Whirlpool, and other major brands of refrigerators. This is a dispenser actuator problem or a plugged water inlet valve. Call us to fix the problem right away the same day that you call.


When the refrigerator door does not close properly, you will have leaks and condensation in your refrigerator. Call us before food spoils and before your electric bill goes because your refrigerator is using too much electricity to stay cool. This problem is from defective seals, gaskets, hinges or latch. We fix this problem on a short service call and replace that burned out lightbulb as well!